Redskins sink and Debut against the Dolphins

Redskins sink and Debut against the Dolphins

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In the debut of the 2015-16 season the Washington Redskins at times looked like the same team from last year. However as coach Gruden said we seem to be moving in the right direction. By now we all know that the Redskins lost, but let’s take a closer look as what was new, what was old and what stayed the same.

What’s New?

Quarterback…well sorta: This season starts with Kirk Cousins as the undisputed starting quarterback for the Redskins. He was given the green light well in advance of kickoff so he has had plenty of time to take first string reps in practice. His performance was a C no interceptions but only one touchdown.

Matt Jones– Jones impressed us all during the preseason and the Redskins kept him and plan to make him a major part of the offense this year. Although we are not quite using the “running back by committee” method it will be interesting to see if this will help the Redskins establish and maintain a running threat this season.
Offensive Line: miraculously it seems out offensive line can now block and was able to give Cousins time to get some good looks and thrown the ball.

What’s Old?
Special Teams: Special teams still has a lot of work to do. The Dolphins were able to score a touchdown on a kickoff return and that was the difference in the game. There was also a muffed ball on the return that could have very easily turned into a fumble. Not to mention two missed field goals that could have also changed the outcome of the game.
Penalties– Another issue that has carried over from last season. The Redskins had over 100 yards in penalties in their opening day loss. This just boils down to plain old fashioned discipline and practice.
Injuries– Desean Jackson out with a hamstring injury during the first quarter of the game is a major blow to this offense that was excited to get him back after the injury to his shoulder last season. He should return but this force others to step up mainly Jordan Reed who is coming back from an injury himself.

What’s the same?
We Lost! But the good news is that it was close and there were some bright moments that give me hope.