Saints Week One:  No. Seriously. Who?

Saints Week One: No. Seriously. Who?

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Week One losses are difficult. Week One losses to a division rival are unbearable. When that division rival is the Atlanta falcons (Yes, lowercase. Yes, disrespect.) you should be allowed to take a week off from work. Once again, we looked like the team who just can’t win on the road.

Brees was out of rhythm by the third quarter. The interception he threw to McLain was nothing short of a product of destiny, as he’d narrowly escaped two earlier picks. We know you’re great, Drew. Sometimes, it’s okay to throw to the open guy. Marques Colston’s performance was also uncharacteristically spotty. Despite having a statistically good game, the overtime fumble was a moldy cherry on the crap cake of missteps this week. His reaction makes me confident that next week, we’ll see the guy who has become the Saints most prolific receiver to-date.

As for Patrick “String Of Expletives The Likes Of Which You Have Never Seen” Robinson: I am tired of him being almost and occasionally just enough. Sometimes, I wish he had the guts to be flat out terrible. The slew of tips and almost tackles will never be better than interceptions and actual tackles. Watching him “almost get it” every week makes me want to set my elbows on fire.*

Rob Ryan is a better coordinator than Sunday would have us believe. I’m offering Rob a pot of gumbo and the messiest of roast beef po’boys if he brings the pass rush back. He really let Matty Lite style on him and threw for 448 yards. Inexcusable.

Of course, there were bright spots. Pierre Thomas remains one of the most powerful, quietly consistent running backs in the NFL. He’s also on my list of top ten favorite Saints ever. I mean…


Just look at that face!
Just look at that face!

Khiry Robinson also remains a powerhouse and all but makes us forget that Mark Ingram (who, to be fair, has shown noticeable improvement) exists. Khiry follows in the footsteps of Thomas and always battles for that extra yard. And Brandin Cooks? Until proven otherwise, that’s your rookie of the year folks. He knows what’s expected of him and he fights to prove himself up to the task.

The loss was hard, but there’s no time to mourn as we face yet another away game next week. Bryan Hoyer and the Cleveland Browns, who almost staged an admirable 11th hour comeback against Pittsburgh this week want to make a statement in their home opener. Unfortunately for them, we have a message to send. Let’s show them what four full quarters of football feels like.


* The Saints cutting Champ Bailey and keeping Robinson leads me to believe that Champ was in the locker room butt naked, covered in peanut butter, chewing on a flip flop and reciting Jabberwocky after practice. Nothing else explains that decision.